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  • Yea, please post there then I'll check back to see if I can find the same number of pokés in yours =)
    Goodness!! Is nicknaming still okay? x.x

    Sure I'll be on most of the day :) Just VM me whenever you're done
    A bunch! :D It took me a bit to come up with nicknames for those beauties. Do you want any of yours nicknamed? I can do that before I pal park them
    Oh, ok, i don't knew that xP,
    So can you clone 2 pokemon for me? You can have a copy of eah.
    You need to ask that on a Moderator, sorry ;s
    Can you clone some pokés for me please?
    Hey, long time no chat! I'm glad the program is helping! I haven't had time to RNG anything in a few months I've been so busy...

    How's your trade thread coming?
    I admit to relying on luck to get a Dustox. I figured it would take just as long to figure what the heck the PID meant as get lucky with the RNG. I've avoided all other breeding projects with those sorts of pokes since.
    Woah. Read your post and that's tooootally over my head. I understand what you're saying now, but have no idea WHAT it is that makes them M or F, especially in that case!! wow
    ? Oh, well, nothing has changed as far as we know. Males still come out Ms and Females still come out Fs. Same for Volb/Illum. As far as we know, gender (and PIDs in general) are inherited the same way as 4th Gen, with the exception that Males can use Everstones now too, but that may not have anything to do with raising the chance the offspring pop out male, just natures.
    That would be awesomalicious. I get off work around 4PM US Central time.
    Haha yeah! I wanted to buff my cacturne up with SD so badly but 1 miss would've cost me the game probably so I just kept awn pwnchng
    Haha, if you want you should try reflect on Espeon instead of helps all your team but you won't be able to spam it
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